Learning about Dance Book PDF

Learning about Dance

  • Author : Nora Ambrosio
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 2018-06-22
  • Genre : Ballet
  • Pages : 243
  • ISBN : 1524922129

Learning about Dance Book Description :

Learning about Dance Book PDF

Learning about Dance

  • Author : Nora Ambrosio
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 1994
  • Genre : Dance
  • Pages : 157
  • ISBN : 0840396392

Learning about Dance Book Description :

Learning about Dance Book PDF

Learning about Dance

  • Author : Nora Ambrosio
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 1999
  • Genre : Dance
  • Pages : 170
  • ISBN : 0787264210

Learning about Dance Book Description :

Dancing with Difference Book PDF

Dancing with Difference

  • Author : Linda Ashley
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Release Date : 2012-12-09
  • Genre : Education
  • Pages : 276
  • ISBN : 9789460919855

Dancing with Difference Book Description :

As the global vicissitudes of migration unfold so does ethnic difference in the classroom, and this book offers a timely examination of teaching about culturally different dances. At a time when the world of dance is, on the one hand, seemingly becoming more like fusion cookery there is another faction promoting isolation and preservation of tradition. How, if at all, may these two worlds co-exist in dance education? Understanding teaching about culturally different dances from postmodern, postcolonial, pluralist and critical perspectives creates an urgent demand to develop relevant pedagogy in dance education. What is required to support dance educators into the next phase of dance education, so as to avoid teaching from within a Eurocentric, creative dance model alone? An ethnographic investigation with teachers in New Zealand lays a foundation for the examination of issues, challenges and opportunities associated with teaching about culturally different dances. Concerns and issues surrounding notions of tradition, innovation, appropriation, interculturalism, social justice and critical pedagogy emerge. Engaging with both practice and theory is a priority in this book, and a nexus model, in which the theoretical fields of critical cultural theory, semiotics, ethnography and anthropology can be activated as teachers teach, is proposed as informing approaches to teaching about culturally different dances. Even though some practical suggestions for teaching are presented, the main concern is to motivate further thinking and research into teaching about dancing with cultural difference. Cover photo: Photo credit: lester de Vere photography ltd. Dancing with Difference (2009). Directed and co-choreographed for AUT University Bachelor of Dance by Linda Ashley with Jonelle Kawana, Yoon-jee Lee, Keneti Muaiava, Aya Nakamura, Siauala Nili, Valance Smith, Sakura Stirling and dancers. Won first prize in the 2009, Viva Eclectika, Aotearoa’s Intercultural Dance and Music Bie

Dance Book PDF


  • Author : Holly Karapetkova
  • Publisher : Britannica Digital Learning
  • Release Date : 2013-03-01
  • Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
  • Pages : 24
  • ISBN : 9781615357635

Dance Book Description :

Young readers will learn about dance through simple sentences and highly supportive pictures.

Dance as a Way of Knowing Book PDF

Dance as a Way of Knowing

  • Author : Jennifer Donohue Zakkai
  • Publisher : Stenhouse Pub
  • Release Date : 1997
  • Genre : Performing Arts
  • Pages : 152
  • ISBN : STANFORD:36105028935851

Dance as a Way of Knowing Book Description :

Jennifer Donohue Zakkai illuminates why and how dance is a powerful tool for learning and creativity in K-6 classrooms. In this "workshop on paper" you'll discover how to build on what you already know about movement, and implement techniques to tap into children's natural appetite for moving. Zakkai addresses the challenges of engaging students in full-bodied motion in the classroom. She focuses first on helping students become responsible movers in the space, then offers structured learning experiences that demand a high level of concentration and creativity. Through verbal prompts--not demonstrations--that involve students in creative problem-solving, students learn through discovery instead of imitation. You don't have to be a dancer to use the detailed model lessons that guide you through warm-ups, movement explorations, rich curricular integrations, culminating activities, observation and reflection. To help your students understand curriculum content, express themselves in creative ways, and learn about dance as an art form, Dance as a Way of Knowing offers a progression of strategies that will make this vibrant discipline come alive in your classroom.

A Sense of Dance Book PDF

A Sense of Dance

  • Author : Constance A. Schrader
  • Publisher : Human Kinetics
  • Release Date : 2005
  • Genre : Performing Arts
  • Pages : 206
  • ISBN : 0736051899

A Sense of Dance Book Description :

This fresh, inspirational approach shows how to frame the art of dance within the context of life and how to gain the tools to appreciate, discuss and write about dance as a fine art. It also helps develop creative thinking and self-expression.

Studying Dance Book PDF

Studying Dance

  • Author : Schupp, Karen
  • Publisher : Human Kinetics
  • Release Date : 2014-09-30
  • Genre : Performing Arts
  • Pages : 192
  • ISBN : 9781450437165

Studying Dance Book Description :

This text prepares students to navigate their dance programs and prepare for a various careers. It orients students to dance as an academic discipline, broadens their understanding of dance, establishes solid approaches to studying dance, and connects dance on campus to their previous training.

History of Dance Book PDF

History of Dance

  • Author : Gayle Kassing
  • Publisher : Human Kinetics
  • Release Date : 2017-06-22
  • Genre : Performing Arts
  • Pages : 320
  • ISBN : 9781492586425

History of Dance Book Description :

History of Dance, Second Edition, offers readers a panoramic view of dance from prehistory to the present. The text covers the dance forms, designs, artists, costumes, performing spaces, and accompaniments throughout the centuries and around the globe. Its investigative approach engages students in assignments and web projects that reinforce the learning from the text, and its ancillaries for both teachers and students make it easy for students to perceive, create, and respond to the history of dance. New to This Edition History of Dance retains its strong foundations from the first edition while adding these new and improved features: • An instructor guide with media literacy assignments, teaching tips, strategies for finding historical videos, and more • A test bank with hundreds of questions for creating tests and quizzes • A presentation package with hundreds of slides that present key points and graphics • A web resource with activities, extensions of chapter content, annotated links to useful websites, and study aids • Developing a Deeper Perspective assignments that encourage students to use visual or aesthetic scanning, learn and perform period dances, observe and write performance reports, develop research projects and WebQuests (Internet-based research projects), and participate in other learning activities • Experiential learning activities that help students dig deeper into the history of dance, dancers, and significant dance works and literature • Eye-catching full-color interior that adds visual appeal and brings the content to life Also new to this edition is a chapter entitled “Global Interactions: 2000–2016,” which examines dance in the 21st century. Resources and Activities The web resources and experiential learning activities promote student-centered learning and help students develop critical thinking and investigative skills.Teachers can use the experiential learning activities as extended projects to help apply the informat

Discovering Dance Book PDF

Discovering Dance

  • Author : Kassing, Gayle
  • Publisher : Human Kinetics
  • Release Date : 2014-04-23
  • Genre : Performing Arts
  • Pages : 312
  • ISBN : 9781450468862

Discovering Dance Book Description :

Discovering Dance opens up a world of opportunities for high school students who have little or no dance experience. The text, available in print and electronic forms, helps students understand the fundamentals of creating, performing, analyzing, understanding, responding to, connecting with, and evaluating dance in its various genres. It meets national and state dance education standards and addresses 21st-century learning goals. As such, it offers a complete introductory dance curriculum with the flexibility of being used for one or more years of instruction.

Motor Learning and Control for Dance Book PDF

Motor Learning and Control for Dance

  • Author : Donna Krasnow
  • Publisher : Human Kinetics
  • Release Date : 2015-06-22
  • Genre : Performing Arts
  • Pages : 336
  • ISBN : 9781492585114

Motor Learning and Control for Dance Book Description :

As dance training evolves and becomes more complex, knowledge of motor behavior is foundational in helping dancers learn and master new skills and become more efficient in integrating the skills. Motor Learning and Control for Dance is the first resource to address motor learning theory from a dance perspective. Educators and students preparing to teach will learn practical ways to connect the science behind dance to pedagogy in order to prepare dancers for performance. Dancers interested in performance from the recreational to professional levels will learn ways to enhance their technical and artistic progress. In language accessible even to those with no science background, Motor Learning and Control for Dance showcases principles and practices for students, artists, and teachers. The text offers a perspective on movement education not found in traditional dance training while adding to a palette of tools and strategies for improving dance instruction and performance. Aspiring dancers and instructors will explore how to develop motor skills, how to control movement on all levels, and—most important—how motor skills are best taught and learned. The authors, noted experts on motor learning and motor control in the dance world, explore these features that appeal to students and instructors alike: • Dance-specific photos, examples, and figures illustrate how to solve common problems various dance genres. • The 16 chapters prepare dance educators to teach dancers of all ages and abilities and support the development of dance artists and students in training and performance. • An extensive bibliography of sports and dance science literature allows teachers and performers to do their own research. • A glossary with a list of key terms at the back of the book. Part I presents an overview of motor behavior, covering motor development from birth to early adulthood. It provides the essential information for teaching posture control and balance, the locomotor skil

Dance Smart Guidance Book PDF

Dance Smart Guidance

  • Author : Arden Desort
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 2021-07-30
  • Genre : Uncategorized
  • Pages : 52
  • ISBN : 9798546574727

Dance Smart Guidance Book Description :

Hip-hop dance is a fusion dance genre that incorporates elements of popping, locking, breaking, jazz, ballet, tap dancing, and other styles and is typically performed to hip-hop, R&B, funk, electronic or pop music. This book teaches you how to make the most out of the things you already know about dance. It helps you to create your style and unleash your full potential on the dancefloor. The methods taught help you to: -create INFINITE VARIATIONS from every move you know -develop NEW MOVES by switching up the choreographies that you have been shown in class -uncage your creative mind while dancing to put the FREEDOM back into FREESTYLE

20 Surefire Secrets You Need to Know About Dancing Book PDF

20 Surefire Secrets You Need to Know About Dancing

  • Author : Michelle Lindell
  • Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
  • Release Date : 2015-12-05
  • Genre : Reference
  • Pages : 231
  • ISBN : 9781329737839

20 Surefire Secrets You Need to Know About Dancing Book Description :

As a newcomer to dancing you undoubtedly have an uneasy feeling about how you should conduct yourself at a dance class. You possibly wonder if you are going to experience difficulty learning. Well first, please be assured you have no reason for concern. dancing is easy and you will not have serious difficulty learning. Everyone in the class is a beginner, starting on the same base, and you will all learn together. Discover everything you need to know by grabbing a copy of this ebook today.

Dance Education around the World Book PDF

Dance Education around the World

  • Author : Charlotte Svendler Nielsen
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2015-04-21
  • Genre : Education
  • Pages : 186
  • ISBN : 9781317801955

Dance Education around the World Book Description :

Dance has the power to change the lives of young people. It is a force in shaping identity, affirming culture and exploring heritage in an increasingly borderless world. Creative and empowering pedagogies are driving curriculum development worldwide where the movement of peoples and cultures generates new challenges and possibilities for dance education in multiple contexts. In Dance Education around the World: Perspectives on Dance, Young People and Change, writers across the globe come together to reflect, comment on and share their expertise and experiences. The settings are drawn from a spectrum of countries with contributions from Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific and Africa giving insights and fresh perspectives into contrasting ideas, philosophies and approaches to dance education from Egypt to Ghana, Brazil to Finland, Jamaica to the Netherlands, the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and more. This volume offers chapters and narratives on: Curriculum developments worldwide Empowering communities through dance Embodiment and creativity in dance teaching Exploring and assessing learning in dance as artistic practice Imagined futures for dance education Reflection, evaluation, analysis and documentation are key to the evolving ecology of dance education and research involving individuals, communities and nations. Dance Education around the World: Perspectives on Dance, Young People and Change provides a great resource for dance educators, practitioners and researchers, and pushes for the furtherance of dance education around the world. Charlotte Svendler Nielsen is Assistant professor and head of educational studies at the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, research group Body, Learning and Identity, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Stephanie Burridge lectures at Lasalle College of the Arts and Singapore Management University, and is the series editor for Routledge Celebrating Dance in Asia and the Pacific.

International Yearbook for Research in Arts Education 4 2016 Book PDF

International Yearbook for Research in Arts Education 4 2016

  • Author : Aud Berggraf Sæbø
  • Publisher : Waxmann Verlag
  • Release Date : 2016
  • Genre : Education
  • Pages : 274
  • ISBN : 9783830984306

International Yearbook for Research in Arts Education 4 2016 Book Description :

This yearbook is the fourth in an annual series of publications by the International Network for Research in Arts Education (INRAE). INRAE aims to disseminate high quality international research in arts education related to the implementation of UNESCO's 'Seoul Agenda: Goals for the development of arts education'. This yearbook reflects the growing practice around the world of interchanging the terms arts education and cultural education to such an extent that they may eventually be regarded as (nearly) synonymous. We question if there are differences, and how arts and cultural education may be interwoven in different regions of the world. With this in mind we want to reconsider fundamental questions of what arts education is about. Some authors write from a general, more global, perspective, while others are concerned with challenges within one specific art subject or with particular reference to developments in their own country. Overall, the articles analyse and discuss the possibilities and challenges of arts and cultural education around the world.

The Really Useful Physical Education Book Book PDF

The Really Useful Physical Education Book

  • Author : Gary Stidder
  • Publisher : Taylor & Francis
  • Release Date : 2016-11-10
  • Genre : Education
  • Pages : 270
  • ISBN : 9781317285700

The Really Useful Physical Education Book Book Description :

The Really Useful Physical Education Book offers support, guidance and practical ideas for effective, innovative and imaginative physical education lessons. Underpinned by easy-to-understand theory, this second edition is fully updated in line with the National Curriculum for Physical Education at Key Stages 3 and 4 and provides a wide range of high-quality lessons alongside engaging teaching examples and methodologies. With an emphasis on inclusive physical education, it highlights the ways in which schools can re-design the curriculum to ensure maximum enjoyment for all pupils. Key topics covered include: • Planning, progression and assessment • Health and safety issues • Inclusive track and field athletics • Adapting activities to support SEND • Swimming and water-based activities • Alternative activities including street-surfing and combat sports • Introducing dance into the curriculum • Enjoyable gymnastics for physical literacy • On-site adventurous activities • Values-based teaching • Teaching accredited awards • Using new and emerging technologies The Really Useful Physical Education Book offers essential advice and inspiration for both trainee and practising teachers responsible for the 11–16 age range. It is a must-read for all those who want to make their lesson inclusive and fun whilst promoting a healthy lifestyle and enthusiasm for lifelong activity.

Engaging Classrooms and Communities through Art Book PDF

Engaging Classrooms and Communities through Art

  • Author : Beth Krensky
  • Publisher : Rowman Altamira
  • Release Date : 2008-11-16
  • Genre : Art
  • Pages : 204
  • ISBN : 9780759112339

Engaging Classrooms and Communities through Art Book Description :

At the same time that arts funding and programming in schools are declining, exciting community-based art programs have successfully been able to build community, foster change, and enrich children's lives. Engaging Classrooms and Communities through Art provides a comprehensive and accessible guide to the design and implementation of community-based art programs for educators, community leaders, and artists. The book combines case studies with diverse groups across the country that are using different media - including mural arts, dance, and video - with an informed introduction to the theory and history of community-based art. It is a perfect handbook for those looking to transform their communities through art.

Rethinking Dance History Book PDF

Rethinking Dance History

  • Author : Alexandra Carter
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2013-10-18
  • Genre : Performing Arts
  • Pages : 208
  • ISBN : 9781136485008

Rethinking Dance History Book Description :

By taking a fresh approach to the study of history in general, Alexandra Carter's Rethinking Dance History offers new perspectives on important periods in dance history and seeks to address some of the gaps and silences left within that history. Encompassing ballet, South Asian, modern dance forms and much more, this book provides exciting new research on topics as diverse as: *the Victorian music hall *film musicals and popular music videos *the impact of Neoclassical fashion on ballet *women's influence on early modern dance *methods of dance reconstruction. Featuring work by some of the major voices in dance writing and discourse, this unique anthology will prove invaluable for both scholars and practitioners, and a source of interest for anyone who is fascinated by dance's rich and multi-layered history.

Teaching Children Dance Book PDF

Teaching Children Dance

  • Author : Theresa Purcell Cone
  • Publisher : Human Kinetics
  • Release Date : 2012
  • Genre : Performing Arts
  • Pages : 206
  • ISBN : 9781450402538

Teaching Children Dance Book Description :

"Teaching Children Dance, Third Edition," presents 31 ready-to-use lessons that bring fun and challenging dance experiences to elementary-aged children of all ability levels. The updated third edition includes 13 new learning experiences and two new chapters on teaching children with disabilities and making interdisciplinary connections.

Dance and Light Book PDF

Dance and Light

  • Author : Kevin Dreyer
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Release Date : 2019-08-28
  • Genre : Performing Arts
  • Pages : 278
  • ISBN : 9781000649857

Dance and Light Book Description :

Dance and Light examines the interconnected relationship between movement and design, the fluid partnership that exists between the two disciplines, and the approaches that designers can take to enhance dance performances through lighting design. The book demystifies lighting for the dancer and helps designers understand how the dancer/choreographer thinks about their art form, providing insight into the choreographer’s process and exploring how designers can make the most of their resources. The author shares anecdotes and ideas from an almost 50-year career as a lighting designer, along with practical examples and insights from colleagues, and stresses the importance of clear communication between designers, choreographers, and dancers. Attention is also given to the choreographer who wants to learn what light can do to help enhance their work on stage. Written in short, stand-alone chapters that allow readers to quickly navigate to areas of interest, Dance and Light is a valuable resource for lighting design classes wishing to add a section on dance lighting, as well as for choreography classes who want to better equip young artists for a significant collaborative partnership.