Hustling Hitler Book PDF

Hustling Hitler

  • Author : Walter Shapiro
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Release Date : 2016-06-14
  • Genre : Biography & Autobiography
  • Pages : 288
  • ISBN : 9780698170742

Hustling Hitler Book Description :

From acclaimed journalist Walter Shapiro, the true life story of how his great-uncle—a Jewish vaudeville impresario and exuberant con man—managed to cheat Hitler’s agents in the run-up to WWII. All his life, journalist Walter Shapiro assumed that the outlandish stories about his great-uncle Freeman were exaggerated family lore; some cockamamie Jewish revenge fantasies dreamt up to entertain the kids and venerate their larger-than-life relative. Only when he started researching Freeman Bernstein’s life did he realize that his family was actually holding back—the man had enough stories, vocations, and IOUs to fill a dozen lifetimes. Freeman was many people: a vaudeville manager, boxing promoter, stock swindler, card shark and self-proclaimed “Jade King of China.” But his greatest title, perhaps the only man who can claim such infamy, was as The Man Who Hustled Hitler. A cross between The Night They Raided Minsky’s and Guys and Dolls, Freeman Bernstein’s life was itself an old New York sideshow extravaganza, one that Shapiro expertly stages in Hustling Hitler. From a ragtag childhood in Troy, New York, Shapiro follows his great-uncle’s ever-crooked trajectory through show business, from his early schemes on the burlesque circuit to marrying his star performer, May Ward, and producing silent films—released only in Philadelphia. Of course, all of Freeman’s cons and schemes were simply a prelude to February 18, 1937, the day he was arrested by the LAPD outside of Mae West’s apartment in Hollywood. The charge? Grand larceny—for cheating Adolf Hitler and the Nazi government. In the capstone of his slippery career, Freeman had promised to ship thirty-five tons of embargoed Canadian nickel to the Führer; when the cargo arrived, the Germans found only huge, useless quantities of scrap metal and tin. It was a blow to their economy and war preparations—and Hitler did not take the bait-and-switch lightly. Told with cinematic verve and hilarious pers

Kopp Sisters on the March Book PDF

Kopp Sisters on the March

  • Author : Amy Stewart
  • Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Release Date : 2019-09-17
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Pages : 384
  • ISBN : 9781328736543

Kopp Sisters on the March Book Description :

In the fifth installment of Amy Stewart’s clever and original Kopp Sisters series, the sisters learn some military discipline—whether they’re ready or not—as the U.S. prepares to enter World War I. It’s the spring of 1917 and change is in the air. American women have done something remarkable: they’ve banded together to create military-style training camps for women who want to serve. These so-called National Service Schools prove irresistible to the Kopp sisters, who leave their farm in New Jersey to join up. When an accident befalls the matron, Constance reluctantly agrees to oversee the camp—much to the alarm of the Kopps’ tent-mate, the real-life Beulah Binford, who is seeking refuge from her own scandalous past under the cover of a false identity. Will she be denied a second chance? And after notoriety, can a woman’s life ever be her own again? In Kopp Sisters on the March, the women of Camp Chevy Chase face down the skepticism of the War Department, the double standards of a scornful public, and the very real perils of war. Once again, Amy Stewart has brilliantly brought a little-known moment in history to light with her fearless and funny Kopp sisters novels.

Hitlerland Book PDF


  • Author : Andrew Nagorski
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Release Date : 2012-03-13
  • Genre : History
  • Pages : 385
  • ISBN : 9781439191002

Hitlerland Book Description :

Documents the experiences of Americans living in Germany at the time of Hitler's rise to power, describing their growing realization of the horrors that were unfolding and how they helped both Germans and Americans to understand what was happening.

The German People versus Hitler  RLE Responding to Fascism  Book PDF

The German People versus Hitler RLE Responding to Fascism

  • Author : Heinrich Fraenkel
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2010-11-01
  • Genre : History
  • Pages : 376
  • ISBN : 9781136960437

The German People versus Hitler RLE Responding to Fascism Book Description :

The extent to which the Nazi regime was truly representative of the German people was a key issue for external commentators. First published in 1940, The German People versus Hitler sets out to prove that the identification of ‘Germany and the Third Reich, Germanism and Nazism, the German people and the Nazi Party’ is a fallacy. It identifies widespread sources of opposition to the Nazi regime from all strata, including the Church and from the former socialist parties.

Culture in Nazi Germany Book PDF

Culture in Nazi Germany

  • Author : Michael H. Kater
  • Publisher : Yale University Press
  • Release Date : 2019-05-21
  • Genre : History
  • Pages : 448
  • ISBN : 9780300245110

Culture in Nazi Germany Book Description :

A fresh and insightful history of how the German arts-and-letters scene was transformed under the NazisCulture was integral to the smooth running of the Third Reich. In the years preceding WWII, a wide variety of artistic forms were used to instill a Nazi ideology in the German people and to manipulate the public perception of Hitler’s enemies. During the war, the arts were closely tied to the propaganda machine that promoted the cause of Germany’s military campaigns.Michael H. Kater’s engaging and deeply researched account of artistic culture within Nazi Germany considers how the German arts-and-letters scene was transformed when the Nazis came to power. With a broad purview that ranges widely across music, literature, film, theater, the press, and visual arts, Kater details the struggle between creative autonomy and political control as he looks at what became of German artists and their work both during and subsequent to Nazi rule.

Children Against Hitler Book PDF

Children Against Hitler

  • Author : Monica Porter
  • Publisher : Pen and Sword History
  • Release Date : 2020-04-30
  • Genre : History
  • Pages : 184
  • ISBN : 9781526764317

Children Against Hitler Book Description :

Readers of all generations have grown up on The Silver Sword, Ian Serraillier’s best-selling tale of children under wartime occupation, but few know the real life stories of the children and teenagers who went further and actually stood up to the Nazis. Here, for the first time, Monica Porter gathers together their stories from many corners of occupied Europe, showing how in a variety of audacious and inventive ways children as young as six resisted the Nazi menace, risking and sometimes even sacrificing their brief lives in the process: a heroism that until now has largely gone unsung. These courageous youngsters came from all classes and backgrounds. There were high school drop-outs and social misfits, brainy bookworms, the children of farmers and factory workers. Some lost their entire families to the war, yet fought on alone. Often more adept and fearless at resistance than adults, they exuded an air of guilessness and could slip more easily under the Nazi radar. But as nets tightened, many were captured, tortured or imprisoned, some paying the highest price – a life cut short by execution before they had even turned eighteen. These children were motivated by different ideals; patriotism, political conviction, their Christian beliefs, or revulsion at the brutality of the Third Reich. But what united them was their determination to strike back at an enemy which had deprived them of their freedom, their dignity - and their childhood.

Women Defying Hitler Book PDF

Women Defying Hitler

  • Author : Nathan Stoltzfus
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Release Date : 2021-08-12
  • Genre : History
  • Pages : 232
  • ISBN : 9781350201569

Women Defying Hitler Book Description :

This timely volume brings together an international team of leading scholars to explore the ways that women responded to situations of immense deprivation, need, and victimization under Hitler's dictatorship. Paying acute attention to the differences that gender made, Women Defying Hitler examines the forms of women's defiance, the impact these women had, and the moral and ethical dilemmas they faced. Several essays also address the special problems of the memory and historiography of women's history during World War II, and the book features standpoints of historians as well as the voices of survivors and their descendants. Notably, this book also serves as a guide for human behaviour under extremely difficult conditions. The book is relevant today for challenging discrimination against women and for its nuanced exploration of the conditions minorities face as outspoken protagonists of human rights issues and as resisters of discrimination. From this perspective the voices being empowered in this book are clear examples of the importance of protest by women in forcing a totalitarian regime to pause and reconsider its options for the moment. In revealing so, Women Defying Hitler ultimately foregrounds that women rescuers and resisters were and are of great continuing consequence.

Appeasing Hitler Book PDF

Appeasing Hitler

  • Author : Tim Bouverie
  • Publisher : Random House
  • Release Date : 2019-04-18
  • Genre : History
  • Pages : 512
  • ISBN : 9781473547759

Appeasing Hitler Book Description :

** Sunday Times Bestseller ** 'Astonishing' ANTONY BEEVOR 'One of the most promising young historians to enter our field for years' MAX HASTINGS On a wet afternoon in September 1938, Neville Chamberlain stepped off an aeroplane and announced that his visit to Hitler had averted the greatest crisis in recent memory. It was, he later assured the crowd in Downing Street, 'peace for our time'. Less than a year later, Germany invaded Poland and the Second World War began. This is a vital new history of the disastrous years of indecision, failed diplomacy and parliamentary infighting that enabled Nazi domination of Europe. Drawing on previously unseen sources, it sweeps from the advent of Hitler in 1933 to the beaches of Dunkirk, and presents an unforgettable portrait of the ministers, aristocrats and amateur diplomats whose actions and inaction had devastating consequences. 'Brilliant and sparkling . . . Reads like a thriller. I couldn't put it down' Peter Frankopan 'Vivid, detailed and utterly fascinating . . . This is political drama at its most compelling' James Holland 'Bouverie skilfully traces each shameful step to war . . . in moving and dramatic detail' Sunday Telegraph SHORTLISTED FOR THE ORWELL PRIZE FOR POLITICAL BOOK WRITING 2020

Hitler s Mischlinge Book PDF

Hitler s Mischlinge

  • Author : Frank E. Heeg
  • Publisher : Rainbow Publishing
  • Release Date : 2009-06
  • Genre : Olympic Games
  • Pages : 218
  • ISBN : 9780970468826

Hitler s Mischlinge Book Description :

Who would want to assassinate the most famous hero in the world? In the summer of 1936, Charles Lindbergh borrowed a Miles Whitney Straight and flew from England to Berlin with his wife Anne Morrow Lindbergh landing at Berlins Staaken Military Airfield. He had been invited by Lufthansa to attend the Olympics but his real mission was to check out the Luftwaffe. Three most unlikely players cross paths in a conspiracy aimed at killing the Lindbergh's and changing the course of world history: an American expatriate wanted for murder, a high-ranking officer in the Luftwaffe, and the most famous detective in Europe. Frank Heeg is a writer and photographer living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is an historian with a special interest in the Third Reich and the period leading up to World War Two.

Hitler s Will Book PDF

Hitler s Will

  • Author : Herman Rothman
  • Publisher : The History Press
  • Release Date : 2011-11-08
  • Genre : History
  • Pages : 192
  • ISBN : 9780752475721

Hitler s Will Book Description :

Herman Rothman arrived in Britain from Germany as a Jewish refugee in 1939, on the eve of the Second World War. He volunteered for HM Forces, serving in the Intelligence Corps, and in 1945 was posted to Westertimke and Fallingbostel prisoner of war camps to interrogate high-ranking Nazi war criminals. When papers were discovered sewn into the shoulders of a jacket belonging to Heinz Lorenz, who had been Joseph Goebbels' press secretary, he and a team of four others were charged with translating them under conditions of the deepest secrecy. The documents turned out to be the originals of Hitler's personal and political wills, and Goebbels' addendum. Later, in Rotenburg hospital, Rothman interrogated Hermann Karnau, who had been a police guard in Hitler's bunker, to establish informaiton about the Fuhrer's death. 'Hitler's Will' is the amazing true story of Herman Rothman's remarkable life, including how he managed to escape from Nazi Germany before the War began, and his role in bringing to light Hitler's personal and political testaments.

Hitler s Prisoners Book PDF

Hitler s Prisoners

  • Author : Erich O. Friedrich
  • Publisher : Potomac Books, Inc.
  • Release Date : 1999-09-30
  • Genre : Biography & Autobiography
  • Pages : 256
  • ISBN : 9781612340845

Hitler s Prisoners Book Description :

Coauthor Erich Friedrich won the Iron Cross fighting the Soviets. But when he refused to give the Nazi salute and criticized Hermann Göring, he was charged with subversion and thrown into a cell. With him were a suspected spy, two accused deserters, a Jehovah's Witness, a draft dodger, and a leftist. To try to push back the terror of the unknown, each man took a turn telling why he was awaiting torture and possibly death. Friedrich vowed to remember their remarkable stories forever.

The Young Hitler I Knew Book PDF

The Young Hitler I Knew

  • Author : August Kubizek
  • Publisher : Frontline Books
  • Release Date : 2011-05-31
  • Genre : Biography & Autobiography
  • Pages : 272
  • ISBN : 9781473820982

The Young Hitler I Knew Book Description :

An “extraordinary memoir [that] lends a personal and unique eye to explaining Hitler’s character” (Midwest Book Review). August Kubizek met Adolf Hitler in 1904 while they competed for standing room at the opera. Kubizek describes a reticent young man, painfully shy, yet capable of bursting into hysterical fits of anger if anyone disagreed with him. But they grew close, often talking for hours on end. In 1908, they began sharing an apartment in Vienna. After being rejected twice from art school, Hitler found himself sinking into an unkind world of “constant unappeasable hunger.” Kubizek did not meet his friend again until he congratulated him on becoming Chancellor of Germany. The Young Hitler I Knew tells the story of an extraordinary friendship, and gives fascinating insight into Hitler’s character during these formative years. “An invaluable tool for every Hitler scholar; a fascinating portrait for every reader who is interested in Hitler.” —Simon Sebag Montefiore

Hitler s Voice  Organisation   development of the Nazi Party Book PDF

Hitler s Voice Organisation development of the Nazi Party

  • Author : Detlef Mühlberger
  • Publisher : Peter Lang
  • Release Date : 2004
  • Genre : Germany
  • Pages : 685
  • ISBN : 3906769720

Hitler s Voice Organisation development of the Nazi Party Book Description :

What did the Nazis inform the readership of their national newspaper about before 1933? How did they portray the origins and development of the Nazi Party and its specialist organisations at the micro and macro level before the Nazi seizure of power in 1933? What type of propaganda did the Nazis use before 1933 to secure support from specific elements of German society, such as the working class, the peasantry, the urban Mittelstand, and women? What were the main themes of Nazi propaganda projected in its official newspaper before 1933? This study provides the reader with a detailed insight into the content of the Völkischer Beobachter or 'Peoples' Observer', through the use of speeches, reports, articles and various other types of material taken from the Nazi Party's official national newspaper.

The Undercover Nazi Hunter Book PDF

The Undercover Nazi Hunter

  • Author : Wolfe Frank
  • Publisher : Pen and Sword
  • Release Date : 2019-03-30
  • Genre : History
  • Pages : 288
  • ISBN : 9781526738745

The Undercover Nazi Hunter Book Description :

Wolfe Frank was Chief Interpreter at the Nuremberg Trials where he was dubbed ‘The Voice of Doom.’ A playboy turned resistance worker he had fled Germany for England in 1937 having been branded an ‘enemy of the state – to be shot on sight.’ Initially interned as an ‘enemy alien,’ he was later released and allowed to join the British Army – where he rose to the rank of Captain. Unable to speak English when he arrived by the time of the trials he was considered to be the finest interpreter in the world. In the months following his service at Nuremberg, Frank became increasingly alarmed at the misinformation coming out of Germany so in 1949, backed by the New York Herald Tribune, he risked his life again by returning to the country of his birth to make an ‘undercover’ survey of the main facets of postwar German life and viewpoints. During his enterprise he worked as a German alongside Germans in factories, on the docks, in a refugee camp and elsewhere. Equipped with false papers he sought objective answers to many questions including: refugees, anti-Semitism, morality, de-Nazification, religion, and nationalism. The NYHT said at the time: ‘A fresh appraisal of the German question could only be obtained by a German and Mr Frank had all the exceptional qualifications necessary. We believe the result of his “undercover" work told in human, factual terms, is an important contribution to one of the great key problems of the postwar world … and incidentally it contains some unexpected revelations and dramatic surprises.’ The greatest of those surprises was Frank single-handedly tracking down and arresting the SS General ranked ‘fourth’ on the allies ‘most wanted’ list – and personally taking and transcribing the Nazi’s confession. The Undercover Nazi Hunter not only reproduces Frank’s series of articles (as he wrote them) and a translation of the confession, which, until now, has never been seen in the public domain, it also reveals

Born a Crime   Summarized for Busy People  Stories from a South African Childhood Book PDF

Born a Crime Summarized for Busy People Stories from a South African Childhood

  • Author : Goldmine Reads
  • Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
  • Release Date : 2018-05-26
  • Genre : Humor
  • Pages : 231
  • ISBN : 9781387836987

Born a Crime Summarized for Busy People Stories from a South African Childhood Book Description :

The book, Born a Crime, tells the tale of a young mixed-race boy growing up in a world where he was never supposed to exist. It tells his story of overcoming difficulties he could possibly face with his strong, courageous, dedicated, and religion mother who was determined to take her son away from all the violence, poverty, and abuse that she, herself, faced. Every story within the overarching story of Trevor involves crises that are overwhelming, dangerous, and touching—with a touch of humor. From having to survive eating caterpillars for dinner, experiencing attempted kidnapping, to simply trying to work out how the world of dating in high school, Trevor shows the stories reflecting himself through wit and humor. He creates a tale entwining small sagas of trying to grow up as a fine man amidst a difficult and dangerous world, guided by his own sense of humor and his mother’s unconditional love.

Exiled in Paradise Book PDF

Exiled in Paradise

  • Author : Anthony Heilbut
  • Publisher : University of California Press
  • Release Date : 2018-04-20
  • Genre : Art
  • Pages : 538
  • ISBN : 9780520301184

Exiled in Paradise Book Description :

A brilliant look at the writers, artists, scientists, movie directors, and scholars—ranging from Bertolt Brecht to Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt, Thomas Mann, and Fritz Lang—who fled Hitler's Germany and how they changed the very fabric of American culture. In a new postscript, Heilbut draws attention to the recent changes in reputation and image that have shaped the reception of the German exiles. This title is part of UC Press's Voices Revived program, which commemorates University of California Press’s mission to seek out and cultivate the brightest minds and give them voice, reach, and impact. Drawing on a backlist dating to 1893, Voices Revived makes high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarship accessible once again using print-on-demand technology. This title was originally published in 1983 with a paperback in 1997.

The Nazi Extermination of Homosexuals Book PDF

The Nazi Extermination of Homosexuals

  • Author : Frank Rector
  • Publisher : Scarborough House
  • Release Date : 1981
  • Genre : Gay men
  • Pages : 189
  • ISBN : UVA:X000224718

The Nazi Extermination of Homosexuals Book Description :

Drawing on interviews with eyewitnesses, former Nazis, Third Reich homosexuals, and death camp survivors, Rector reconstructs the Reich's plans for the total annihilation of homosexuals

Nazi Games  The Olympics of 1936 Book PDF

Nazi Games The Olympics of 1936

  • Author : David Clay Large
  • Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
  • Release Date : 2007-04-17
  • Genre : History
  • Pages : 416
  • ISBN : 9780393247787

Nazi Games The Olympics of 1936 Book Description :

Athletics and politics collide in a critical event for Nazi Germany and the contemporary world. The torch relay—that staple of Olympic pageantry—first opened the summer games in 1936 in Berlin. Proposed by the Nazi Propaganda Ministry, the relay was to carry the symbolism of a new Germany across its route through southeastern and central Europe. Soon after the Wehrmacht would march in jackboots over the same terrain. The Olympic festival was a crucial part of the Nazi regime's mobilization of power. Nazi Games offers a superb blend of history and sport. The narrative includes a stirring account of the international effort to boycott the games, derailed finally by the American Olympic Committee and the determination of its head, Avery Brundage, to participate. Nazi Games also recounts the dazzling athletic feats of these Olympics, including Jesse Owens's four gold-medal performances and the marathon victory of Korean runner Kitei Son, the Rising Sun of imperial Japan on his bib.

Munich  1938 Book PDF

Munich 1938

  • Author : David Faber
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Release Date : 2009-09-01
  • Genre : History
  • Pages : 528
  • ISBN : 9781439149928

Munich 1938 Book Description :

On September 30, 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain flew back to London from his meeting in Munich with German Chancellor Adolf Hitler. As he disembarked from the aircraft, he held aloft a piece of paper, which contained the promise that Britain and Germany would never go to war with one another again. He had returned bringing “Peace with honour—Peace for our time.” Drawing on a wealth of archival material, acclaimed historian David Faber delivers a sweeping reassessment of the extraordinary events of 1938, tracing the key incidents leading up to the Munich Conference and its immediate aftermath: Lord Halifax’s ill-fated meeting with Hitler; Chamberlain’s secret discussions with Mussolini; and the Berlin scandal that rocked Hitler’s regime. He takes us to Vienna, to the Sudentenland, and to Prague. In Berlin, we witness Hitler inexorably preparing for war, even in the face of opposition from his own generals; in London, we watch as Chamberlain makes one supreme effort after another to appease Hitler. Resonating with an insider’s feel for the political infighting Faber uncovers, Munich, 1938 transports us to the war rooms and bunkers, revealing the covert negotiations and scandals upon which the world’s fate would rest. It is modern history writing at its best.

Conversations with JFK Book PDF

Conversations with JFK

  • Author : Michael O'Brien
  • Publisher : Watkins Media Limited
  • Release Date : 2019-06-11
  • Genre : Biography & Autobiography
  • Pages : 128
  • ISBN : 9781786782366

Conversations with JFK Book Description :

Imagined by one of the world's foremost JFK scholars, this fictionalised conversation presents the essential biography of America's most glamorous and mythologised president. For many, the presidency of John F. Kennedy was a magic interlude in American history. His admirers saw him as a leader of intelligence and imagination, who wielded power with grace, courage and verve - although detractors have questioned the depth of his convictions and drawn attention to his serial philandering. Kennedy's rise also marked the beginning of modern "celebrity" politics - a politician with film star charisma who proved ideally suited to the new age of television. Meet the man himself and he'll tell you how it felt to have his finger on the red button when the world teetered on the brink of nuclear war. The book is divided into two parts: a biographical essay that provides a concise overview of JFK's life, achievements, scandals and controversies; and a Q&A dialogue based on rigorous research and incorporating JFK's actual spoken or written words whenever possible, along with rigorously researched biographical interpretations of his various views and positions. Here you will find all the key moments in JFK's life and career: his early days at Harvard and the US Navy; his family background and the importance of his Catholic faith; running for office against Richard Nixon; his clashes with communist power in Berlin and Cuba; the Civil Rights movement; Vietnam; and the president's often scandalous personal life that was carefully concealed from an adoring public. Kennedy's assassination on 22 November 1963 marked the beginning of a tumultuous and bitterly divided decade, and birthed countless conspiracy theories that thrive to this day. These legacies of polarisation and suspicion of established authority have assumed particular salience in the 21st century.