The Silent Feminists Book PDF

The Silent Feminists

  • Author : Anthony Slide
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 1996
  • Genre : Biography & Autobiography
  • Pages : 160
  • ISBN : UOM:39015038183102

The Silent Feminists Book Description :

Documents the lives and careers of America's first women directors and provides an introduction to the subject of women in the American silent-film industry.

First Women Book PDF

First Women

  • Author : Kate Andersen Brower
  • Publisher : HarperCollins
  • Release Date : 2017-01-17
  • Genre : History
  • Pages : 416
  • ISBN : 9780062679345

First Women Book Description :

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the groundbreaking backstairs look at the White House, The Residence, comes an intimate, news-making look at the true modern power brokers at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: the First Ladies, from Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama and Melania Trump. One of the most underestimated—and challenging—positions in the world, the First Lady of the United States must be many things: an inspiring leader with a forward-thinking agenda of her own; a savvy politician, skilled at navigating the treacherous rapids of Washington; a wife and mother operating under constant scrutiny; and an able CEO responsible for the smooth operation of countless services and special events at the White House. Now, as she did in her smash #1 bestseller The Residence, former White House correspondent Kate Andersen Brower draws on a wide array of untapped, candid sources—from residence staff and social secretaries to friends and political advisers—to tell the stories of the ten remarkable women who have defined that role since 1960. Brower offers new insights into this privileged group of remarkable women, including Jacqueline Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, Patricia Nixon, Betty Ford, Rosalynn Carter, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama. The stories she shares range from the heartwarming to the shocking and tragic, exploring everything from the first ladies’ political crusades to their rivalries with Washington figures; from their friendships with other first ladies to their public and private relationships with their husbands. She also offers insight as to what Melania Trump might hope to accomplish as First Lady. Candid and illuminating, this first group biography of the modern first ladies provides a revealing look at life upstairs and downstairs at the world’s most powerful address.

The First Women Lawyers Book PDF

The First Women Lawyers

  • Author : Mary Jane Mossman
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Release Date : 2006-05-31
  • Genre : Law
  • Pages : 342
  • ISBN : 9781847310958

The First Women Lawyers Book Description :

This comparative study explores the lives of some of the women who first initiated challenges to male exclusivity in the legal professions in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. Their challenges took place at a time of considerable optimism about progressive societal change, including new and expanding opportunities for women, as well as a variety of proposals for reforming law, legal education, and standards of legal professionalism. By situating women's claims for admission to the bar within this reformist context in different jurisdictions, the study examines the intersection of historical ideas about gender and about legal professionalism at the turn of the twentieth century. In exploring these systemic issues, the study also provides detailed examinations of the lives of some of the first women lawyers in six jurisdictions: the United States, Canada, Britain, New Zealand and Australia, India, and western Europe. In exploring how individual women adopted different legal arguments in litigated cases, or devised particular strategies to overcome barriers to professional work, the study assesses how shifting and contested ideas about gender and about legal professionalism shaped women's opportunities and choices, as well as both support for and opposition to their claims. As a comparative study of the first women lawyers in several different jurisdictions, the book reveals how a number of quite different women engaged with ideas of gender and legal professionalism at the turn of the twentieth century.

First Women Book PDF

First Women

  • Author : Instaread
  • Publisher : Instaread Summaries
  • Release Date : 2016-05-17
  • Genre : History
  • Pages : 38
  • ISBN : 9781683781493

First Women Book Description :

First Women by Kate Andersen Brower | Summary & Analysis Preview: Kate Andersen Brower’s First Women: The Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies examines how women from Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama have negotiated the personal and political challenges of being married to the president of the United States. The women who have served as first lady in the modern era have been very different. Jackie Kennedy was a style icon; Lady Bird Johnson was adamantly not one. Nancy Reagan was proud to give up her career in acting in order to support her husband’s ambitions; Hillary Clinton extended her own legal and political career by working in Bill Clinton’s administration. Rosalynn Carter liked attending cabinet meetings and being in the thick of politics; Michelle Obama has mostly disliked her time in the White House and has been waiting eagerly to return to civilian life. For all their differences, the first ladies share common experiences… PLEASE NOTE: This is key takeaways and analysis of the book and NOT the original book. Inside this Instaread Summary of First Women · Overview of the book · Important People · Key Takeaways · Analysis of Key Takeaways About the Author With Instaread, you can get the key takeaways, summary and analysis of a book in 15 minutes. We read every chapter, identify the key takeaways and analyze them for your convenience.

The First  Women in Love  Book PDF

The First Women in Love

  • Author : D. H. Lawrence
  • Publisher : Cambridge University Press
  • Release Date : 2002-05-02
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Pages : 592
  • ISBN : 0521007097

The First Women in Love Book Description :

The first critical edition of The First 'Women in Love'.

America s First Women Philosophers Book PDF

America s First Women Philosophers

  • Author : Dorothy G. Rogers
  • Publisher : A&C Black
  • Release Date : 2009-06-15
  • Genre : Philosophy
  • Pages : 192
  • ISBN : 9780826440259

America s First Women Philosophers Book Description :

This is the first book about the women of the early American idealist movement in philosophy and a chapter is devoted to the life, practical work, and philosophical ideas of each of them.

The First American Women Architects Book PDF

The First American Women Architects

  • Author : Sarah Allaback
  • Publisher : University of Illinois Press
  • Release Date : 2008
  • Genre : Architecture
  • Pages : 265
  • ISBN : 9780252033216

The First American Women Architects Book Description :

An invaluable reference covering the history of women architects

When Women Come First Book PDF

When Women Come First

  • Author : Sheba George
  • Publisher : Univ of California Press
  • Release Date : 2005-07-18
  • Genre : Social Science
  • Pages : 296
  • ISBN : 0520938356

When Women Come First Book Description :

With a subtle yet penetrating understanding of the intricate interplay of gender, race, and class, Sheba George examines an unusual immigration pattern to analyze what happens when women who migrate before men become the breadwinners in the family. Focusing on a group of female nurses who moved from India to the United States before their husbands, she shows that this story of economic mobility and professional achievement conceals underlying conditions of upheaval not only in the families and immigrant community but also in the sending community in India. This richly textured and impeccably researched study deftly illustrates the complex reconfigurations of gender and class relations concealed behind a quintessential American success story. When Women Come First explains how men who lost social status in the immigration process attempted to reclaim ground by creating new roles for themselves in their church. Ironically, they were stigmatized by other upper class immigrants as men who needed to "play in the church" because the "nurses were the bosses" in their homes. At the same time, the nurses were stigmatized as lower class, sexually loose women with too much independence. George's absorbing story of how these women and men negotiate this complicated network provides a groundbreaking perspective on the shifting interactions of two nations and two cultures.

Women s Empowerment and Global Health Book PDF

Women s Empowerment and Global Health

  • Author : Shari Dworkin
  • Publisher : Univ of California Press
  • Release Date : 2016-11-01
  • Genre : Medical
  • Pages : 352
  • ISBN : 9780520272873

Women s Empowerment and Global Health Book Description :

"What is women's empowerment, and how and why does it matter for women's health? Despite the rise of a human rights-based approach to women's health and increasing awareness of the synergies between women's health and empowerment, a lack of consensus remains as to how to measure empowerment and successfully intervene in ways that improve health. Women's Empowerment and Global Health provides thirteen detailed, multidisciplinary case studies from across the globe and through the course of a woman's life to show how science and advocacy can be creatively merged to enhance the agency and status of women. Accompanying short videos provide background about programs on the ground in India, the United States, Mexico, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Women's Empowerment and Global Health explores the promises and limits of programmatic, scientific, and rights-based work in real-world settings and provides the next generation of researchers and practitioners, as well as students in global and public health, sociology, anthropology, women's studies, law, business, and medicine, with cutting edge and inspirational examples of programs that point the way toward achieving women's equality and fulfilling the right to health."--Provided by publisher.

First Generations Book PDF

First Generations

  • Author : Carol Berkin
  • Publisher : Hill and Wang
  • Release Date : 1997-07-01
  • Genre : History
  • Pages : 234
  • ISBN : 9781466806115

First Generations Book Description :

Indian, European, and African women of seventeenth and eighteenth-century America were defenders of their native land, pioneers on the frontier, willing immigrants, and courageous slaves. They were also - as traditional scholarship tends to omit - as important as men in shaping American culture and history. This remarkable work is a gripping portrait that gives early-American women their proper place in history.

Ladies First Book PDF

Ladies First

  • Author : Robin Roberts
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 1996
  • Genre : Music
  • Pages : 218
  • ISBN : STANFORD:36105019235857

Ladies First Book Description :

A book and video that show how the world of music video has thrust feminism to the forefront.

Pioneers Book PDF


  • Author : Anonim
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 2018
  • Genre : Women in the motion picture industry
  • Pages : 76
  • ISBN : OCLC:1100589636

Pioneers Book Description :

Women s Work  The First 20 000 Years Women  Cloth  and Society in Early Times Book PDF

Women s Work The First 20 000 Years Women Cloth and Society in Early Times

  • Author : Elizabeth Wayland Barber
  • Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
  • Release Date : 1995-09-17
  • Genre : Social Science
  • Pages : 336
  • ISBN : 9780393285581

Women s Work The First 20 000 Years Women Cloth and Society in Early Times Book Description :

"A fascinating history of…[a craft] that preceded and made possible civilization itself." —New York Times Book Review New discoveries about the textile arts reveal women's unexpectedly influential role in ancient societies. Twenty thousand years ago, women were making and wearing the first clothing created from spun fibers. In fact, right up to the Industrial Revolution the fiber arts were an enormous economic force, belonging primarily to women. Despite the great toil required in making cloth and clothing, most books on ancient history and economics have no information on them. Much of this gap results from the extreme perishability of what women produced, but it seems clear that until now descriptions of prehistoric and early historic cultures have omitted virtually half the picture. Elizabeth Wayland Barber has drawn from data gathered by the most sophisticated new archaeological methods—methods she herself helped to fashion. In a "brilliantly original book" (Katha Pollitt, Washington Post Book World), she argues that women were a powerful economic force in the ancient world, with their own industry: fabric.

Sisters of Tomorrow Book PDF

Sisters of Tomorrow

  • Author : Lisa Yaszek
  • Publisher : Wesleyan University Press
  • Release Date : 2016-06-07
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Pages : 432
  • ISBN : 9780819576255

Sisters of Tomorrow Book Description :

Winner of the Susan Koppelman Award (2017) For nearly half a century, feminist scholars, writers, and fans have successfully challenged the notion that science fiction is all about “boys and their toys,” pointing to authors such as Mary Shelley, Clare Winger Harris, and Judith Merril as proof that women have always been part of the genre. Continuing this tradition, Sisters of Tomorrow: The First Women of Science Fiction offers readers a comprehensive selection of works by genre luminaries, including author C. L. Moore, artist Margaret Brundage, and others who were well known in their day, including poet Julia Boynton Green, science journalist L. Taylor Hansen, and editor Mary Gnaedinger. Providing insightful commentary and context, this anthology documents how women in the early twentieth century contributed to the pulp-magazine community and showcases the content they produced, including short stories, editorial work, illustrations, poetry, and science journalism. Yaszek and Sharp’s critical annotation and author biographies link women’s work in the early science fiction community to larger patterns of feminine literary and cultural production in turn-of-the-twentieth-century America. In a concluding essay, the award-winning author Kathleen Ann Goonan considers such work in relation to the history of women in science and engineering and to the contemporary science fiction community itself.

Ohio Women Book PDF

Ohio Women

  • Author : Anonim
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 1982
  • Genre : Women
  • Pages : 53
  • ISBN : OSU:32435006377527

Ohio Women Book Description :

The Christian Union Book PDF

The Christian Union

  • Author : Henry Ward Beecher
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 1892
  • Genre : Christianity
  • Pages : 231
  • ISBN : WISC:89092857366

The Christian Union Book Description :

The Women in Blue Helmets Book PDF

The Women in Blue Helmets

  • Author : Lesley J. Pruitt
  • Publisher : Univ of California Press
  • Release Date : 2016-06-28
  • Genre : Social Science
  • Pages : 176
  • ISBN : 9780520964716

The Women in Blue Helmets Book Description :

The Women in Blue Helmets tells the story of the first all-female police unit deployed by India to the UN peacekeeping mission in Liberia in January 2007. Lesley J. Pruitt investigates how the unit was originated, developed, and implemented, offering an important historical record of this unique initiative. Examining precedents in policing in the troop-contributing country and recent developments in policing in the host country, the book offers contextually rich examination of all-female units, explores the potential benefits of and challenges to women’s participation in peacekeeping, and illuminates broader questions about the relationship between gender, peace, and security.

Alice Across America Book PDF

Alice Across America

  • Author : Sarah Glenn Marsh
  • Publisher : Henry Holt and Company (BYR)
  • Release Date : 2020-02-04
  • Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
  • Pages : 48
  • ISBN : 9781250776310

Alice Across America Book Description :

Writer Sarah Glenn Marsh and illustrator Gilbert Ford's Alice Across America is a nonfiction picture book account of maverick Alice Ramsey, the first woman to drive a car across America in 1909. When Alice Ramsey was little, she loved to ride horses. As she grew up, more people were driving cars. From the moment Alice slid behind the wheel, she was crazy about cars. So when the Maxwell-Briscoe Company challenged her to drive one of their new cars across the country as a promotional ploy to prove that even a lady could do it, Alice daringly accepted. With several women by her side, these brazen drivers sustained many hardships over the course of a remarkable two-month journey and far surpassed all expectations. With a clever blend of women’s history, technological history, and American roading geography, this is a celebration of unstoppable women making strides in twentieth-century America. Christy Ottaviano Books