Principles of Modern Digital Design Book PDF

Principles of Modern Digital Design

  • Author : Parag K. Lala
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release Date : 2007-09-10
  • Genre : Computers
  • Pages : 448
  • ISBN : 9780470125205

Principles of Modern Digital Design Book Description :

PRINCIPLES OF MODERN DIGITAL DESIGN FROM UNDERLYING PRINCIPLES TO IMPLEMENTATION—A THOROUGH INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL LOGIC DESIGN With this book, readers discover the connection between logic design principles and theory and the logic design and optimization techniques used in practice. Therefore, they not only learn how to implement current design techniques, but also how these techniques were developed and why they work. With a deeper understanding of the underlying principles, readers become better problem-solvers when faced with new and difficult digital design challenges. Principles of Modern Digital Design begins with an examination of number systems and binary code followed by the fundamental concepts of digital logic. Next, readers advance to combinational logic design. Armed with this foundation, they are then introduced to VHDL, a powerful language used to describe the function of digital circuits and systems. All the major topics needed for a thorough understanding of modern digital design are presented, including: Fundamentals of synchronous sequential circuits and synchronous sequential circuit design Combinational logic design using VHDL Counter design Sequential circuit design using VHDL Asynchronous sequential circuits VHDL-based logic design examples are provided throughout the book to illustrate both the underlying principles and practical design applications. Each chapter is followed by exercises that enable readers to put their skills into practice by solving realistic digital design problems. An accompanying website with Quartus II software enables readers to replicate the book’s examples and perform the exercises. This book can be used for either a two- or one-semester course for undergraduate students in electrical and computer engineering and computer science. Its thorough explanation of theory, coupled with examples and exercises, enables both students and practitioners to master and implement modern digital design techniques with confide

Digital Design and Computer Architecture Book PDF

Digital Design and Computer Architecture

  • Author : David Harris
  • Publisher : Morgan Kaufmann
  • Release Date : 2010-07-26
  • Genre : Computers
  • Pages : 592
  • ISBN : 0080547060

Digital Design and Computer Architecture Book Description :

Digital Design and Computer Architecture is designed for courses that combine digital logic design with computer organization/architecture or that teach these subjects as a two-course sequence. Digital Design and Computer Architecture begins with a modern approach by rigorously covering the fundamentals of digital logic design and then introducing Hardware Description Languages (HDLs). Featuring examples of the two most widely-used HDLs, VHDL and Verilog, the first half of the text prepares the reader for what follows in the second: the design of a MIPS Processor. By the end of Digital Design and Computer Architecture, readers will be able to build their own microprocessor and will have a top-to-bottom understanding of how it works--even if they have no formal background in design or architecture beyond an introductory class. David Harris and Sarah Harris combine an engaging and humorous writing style with an updated and hands-on approach to digital design. Unique presentation of digital logic design from the perspective of computer architecture using a real instruction set, MIPS. Side-by-side examples of the two most prominent Hardware Design Languages--VHDL and Verilog--illustrate and compare the ways the each can be used in the design of digital systems. Worked examples conclude each section to enhance the reader's understanding and retention of the material.

Digital Design Essentials Book PDF

Digital Design Essentials

  • Author : Rajesh Lal
  • Publisher : Design Essentials
  • Release Date : 2013-06
  • Genre : Computers
  • Pages : 208
  • ISBN : 9781592538034

Digital Design Essentials Book Description :

A comprehensive guide to UI design, providing key features and functional requirements, best practices and design guidelines, and components of the user experience of the application, illustrated with "live" case study examples.

Digital Design and Implementation with Field Programmable Devices Book PDF

Digital Design and Implementation with Field Programmable Devices

  • Author : Zainalabedin Navabi
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Release Date : 2004-05
  • Genre : Computers
  • Pages : 293
  • ISBN : 1402080115

Digital Design and Implementation with Field Programmable Devices Book Description :

The focus of Digital Design and Implementation with Field Programmable Devices is on a practical knowledge of digital system design for programmable devices. The book covers all necessary topics under one cover, and covers each topic just enough that is actually used by an advanced digital designer. The book is broken into three sections, covering digital system design concepts, use of tools, and systematic design of digital systems. This book provides a recap of digital design topics and computer architectures and shows the Verilog language for synthesis. In addition, for an industrial setting, the book shows how existing design components are used in upper level designs, and how user libraries are formed and utilized. Using Altera's UP2 programmable device development board with this book helps engineers test and debug their designs before programming their programmable devices on production boards. In an educational setting, the book can be used as a complementary book for the basic logic design course, or a laboratory book for the sophomore logic design lab, or as a textbook for senior level design courses. Using Altera's UP2 programmable device education board with this book helps students see their designs being implemented and tested, and thereby get a down-to-wire understanding of how things work.

Digital Design Exercises for Architecture Students Book PDF

Digital Design Exercises for Architecture Students

  • Author : Jason S. Johnson
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2016-04-14
  • Genre : Architecture
  • Pages : 290
  • ISBN : 9781317585510

Digital Design Exercises for Architecture Students Book Description :

Digital Design Exercises for Architecture Students teaches you the basics of digital design and fabrication tools with creative design exercises, featuring over 200 illustrations, which emphasize process and evaluation as key to designing in digital mediums. The book is software neutral, letting you choose the software with which to edit raster and vector graphics and to model digital objects. The clear, jargon-free introductions to key concepts and terms help you experiment and build your digital media skills. During the fabrication exercises you will learn strategies for laser cutting, CNC (computer-numerically controlled) milling, and 3D printing to help you focus on the processes of design thinking. Reading lists and essays from practitioners, instructors, and theorists ground the exercises in both broader and deeper contexts and encourage you to continue your investigative journey.

Digital Design for Print and Web Book PDF

Digital Design for Print and Web

  • Author : John DiMarco
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release Date : 2011-09-19
  • Genre : Design
  • Pages : 352
  • ISBN : 9780470639191

Digital Design for Print and Web Book Description :

The all-inclusive guide—from theory to practice—for print and Web design Any well-conceived print or Web design features the dynamic interplay between visual artistry and technical skill. It becomes important, therefore, for the designer to cultivate an aesthetic eye as well as develop a high degree of computer savvy. By combining basic theory with hands-on technique, Digital Design for Print and Web takes the unique approach of uniting two subjects traditionally approached separately into one complete volume. As a result, you will gain a clearer understanding of the entire creative process, from project management to working with graphics to designing for print and, ultimately, the Web. In this book, you'll find: Full-color text and illustrated, step-by-step instruction supported by more than 75 video tutorials Coverage of professional software including the Adobe Creative Suite A wide variety of inspirational images from well-known designers Online full-length project assignments from entry level to advanced An ideal resource for design students or practitioners, Digital Design for Print and Web will show you to how to create more effectively and guide you on the path toward digital design mastery.

Career Building Through Using Digital Design Tools Book PDF

Career Building Through Using Digital Design Tools

  • Author : Edward Willett
  • Publisher : The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
  • Release Date : 2013-12-15
  • Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
  • Pages : 64
  • ISBN : 9781477717233

Career Building Through Using Digital Design Tools Book Description :

The field of digital design offers immense opportunities for creative young people. Digital designers are in high demand to help design and create images for Web sites and digital media. Business is becoming more dependent on Web marketing, which often relies on visual design to succeed. This title raises teens' awareness of the many opportunities available in this burgeoning field. It explains how they can develop skills in digital design through both informal experience and formal education, and create an impressive portfolio that will open doors for them in the future.

FSM based Digital Design using Verilog HDL Book PDF

FSM based Digital Design using Verilog HDL

  • Author : Peter Minns
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release Date : 2008-04-30
  • Genre : Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 408
  • ISBN : 0470987618

FSM based Digital Design using Verilog HDL Book Description :

As digital circuit elements decrease in physical size, resulting in increasingly complex systems, a basic logic model that can be used in the control and design of a range of semiconductor devices is vital. Finite State Machines (FSM) have numerous advantages; they can be applied to many areas (including motor control, and signal and serial data identification to name a few) and they use less logic than their alternatives, leading to the development of faster digital hardware systems. This clear and logical book presents a range of novel techniques for the rapid and reliable design of digital systems using FSMs, detailing exactly how and where they can be implemented. With a practical approach, it covers synchronous and asynchronous FSMs in the design of both simple and complex systems, and Petri-Net design techniques for sequential/parallel control systems. Chapters on Hardware Description Language cover the widely-used and powerful Verilog HDL in sufficient detail to facilitate the description and verification of FSMs, and FSM based systems, at both the gate and behavioural levels. Throughout, the text incorporates many real-world examples that demonstrate designs such as data acquisition, a memory tester, and passive serial data monitoring and detection, among others. A useful accompanying CD offers working Verilog software tools for the capture and simulation of design solutions. With a linear programmed learning format, this book works as a concise guide for the practising digital designer. This book will also be of importance to senior students and postgraduates of electronic engineering, who require design skills for the embedded systems market.

Modern Digital Design and Switching Theory Book PDF

Modern Digital Design and Switching Theory

  • Author : Eugene D. Fabricius
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Release Date : 2017-12-14
  • Genre : Computers
  • Pages : 496
  • ISBN : 9781351430548

Modern Digital Design and Switching Theory Book Description :

Modern Digital Design and Switching Theory is an important text that focuses on promoting an understanding of digital logic and the computer programs used in the minimization of logic expressions. Several computer approaches are explained at an elementary level, including the Quine-McCluskey method as applied to single and multiple output functions, the Shannon expansion approach to multilevel logic, the Directed Search Algorithm, and the method of Consensus. Chapters 9 and 10 offer an introduction to current research in field programmable devices and multilevel logic synthesis. Chapter 9 covers more advanced topics in programmed logic devices, including techniques for input decoding and Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). Chapter 10 includes a discussion of boolean division, kernels and factoring, boolean tree structures, rectangle covering, binary decision diagrams, and if-then-else operators. Computer algorithms covered in these two chapters include weak division, iterative weak division, and kernel extraction by tabular methods and by rectangle covering theory. Modern Digital Design and Switching Theory is an excellent textbook for electrical and computer engineering students, in addition to a worthwhile reference for professionals working with integrated circuits.

Dover Digital Design Source  4 Book PDF

Dover Digital Design Source 4

  • Author : Dover
  • Publisher : Courier Corporation
  • Release Date : 2010-03-18
  • Genre : Design
  • Pages : 124
  • ISBN : 9780486990644

Dover Digital Design Source 4 Book Description :

Brimming with boisterous businessmen, cavorting animals, and other whimsical characters, these 670 black-and-white line illustrations are drawn from the best of 19th-century American advertising art. Each frame-like clip can be easily customized.

Digital Design for Computer Data Acquisition Book PDF

Digital Design for Computer Data Acquisition

  • Author : Charles D. Spencer
  • Publisher : Cambridge University Press
  • Release Date : 1990-06-29
  • Genre : Computers
  • Pages : 356
  • ISBN : 0521371996

Digital Design for Computer Data Acquisition Book Description :

This digital electronics text focuses on "how to" design, build, operate and adapt data acquisition systems. The material begins with basic logic gates and ends with a 40 KHz voltage measurer. The approach aims to cover a minimal number of topics in detail. The data acquisition circuits described communicate with a host computer through parallel I/O ports. The fundamental idea of the book is that parallel I/O ports (available for all popular computers) offer a superior balance of simplicity, low cost, speed, flexibility and adaptability. All circuits and software are thoroughly tested. Construction details and troubleshooting guidelines are included. This book is intended to serve people who teach or study one of the following: digital electronics, circuit design, software that interacts outside hardware, the process of computer based acquisition, and the design, adaptation, construction and testing of measurement systems.

Digital Design Book PDF

Digital Design

  • Author : Anonim
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 1986
  • Genre : Digital electronics
  • Pages : 231
  • ISBN : UCSD:31822015719784

Digital Design Book Description :

Digital Design Media Book PDF

Digital Design Media

  • Author : William John Mitchell
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Incorporated
  • Release Date : 1991
  • Genre : Computers
  • Pages : 439
  • ISBN : UCAL:B4527703

Digital Design Media Book Description :

This book provides a comprehensive, systematic introduction to digital design media. It establishes a general theoretical framework, offers detailed practical discussions of computer manipulation of text, sound, images, 3-D models, animations, and video, and considers strategies for implementing computer methods in design practice.

Digital Colour in Graphic Design Book PDF

Digital Colour in Graphic Design

  • Author : Ken Pender
  • Publisher : Taylor & Francis
  • Release Date : 1998
  • Genre : Art
  • Pages : 216
  • ISBN : 0240515277

Digital Colour in Graphic Design Book Description :

Complete, practical guide to handling colour graphics on the desktop for Mac and PC - from the scanning, creation and manipulation of images to processing for different colour output devices. Keep this handy book on your desk to help you achieve more professional-looking results in colour for a wide variety of tasks. An accompanying CD-ROM allows you to view practical examples of colour techniques in graphic design on the screen, demonstrating the techniques described in the book. The underlying principles of digital colour are explained in detail: · colour models · ways in which scanners, monitors and printers handle colour · system calibration methods · colour management processes · colour processing features in software · colour conversions Practical examples of colour techniques in graphic design are illustrated using a variety of software applications: Photoshop, Fractal Painter, Ray Dream Studio, Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw, Fractal Poser and Metatools Bryce. The examples are conducted through a series of workshops leading you through a variety of processes. Ken Pender is a freelance designer. He was, for many years, a Manager with IBM, including four years as Manager of their European Computer Integrated Manufacturing Technology Centre in Germany. He is also author of 'Digital Graphic Design' and 'Digital Video for the Desktop' for Focal Press. Benefit from the experience of a professional digital colour guru! Learn from the practical examples with best practice colour effects included on the free CD-Rom

Digital Design Book PDF

Digital Design

  • Author : Everett L. Johnson
  • Publisher : Prindle Weber & Schmidt
  • Release Date : 1987
  • Genre : Computers
  • Pages : 497
  • ISBN : UOM:39015050242976

Digital Design Book Description :

Digital Design Book PDF

Digital Design

  • Author : Frank Vahid
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Incorporated
  • Release Date : 2006
  • Genre : Computers
  • Pages : 540
  • ISBN : UCSD:31822035703297

Digital Design Book Description :

"Digital Design provides a modern approach to learning the increasingly important topic of digital systems design. The text's focus on register-transfer-level design and present-day applications not only leads to a better appreciation of computers and of today's ubiquitous digital devices, but also provides for a better understanding of careers involving digital design and embedded system design. The book's key features include: An emphasis on register-transfer-level (RTL) design, the level at which most digital design is practiced today, giving readers a modern perspective of the field's applicability. Yet, coverage stays bottom-up and concrete, starting from basic transistors and gates, and moving step-by-step up to more complex components. Extensive use of basic examples to teach and illustrate new concepts, and of application examples, such as pacemakers, ultrasound machines, automobiles, and cell phones, to demonstrate the immediate relevance of the concepts. Separation of basic design from optimization, allowing development of a solid understanding of basic design, before considering the more advanced topic of optimization. Flexible organization, enabling early or late coverage of optimization methods or of HDLs, and enabling choice of VHDL, Verilog, or SystemC HDLs. Career insights and advice from designers with varying levels of experience. A clear bottom-up description of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). About the Author: Frank Vahid is a Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of California, Riverside. He holds Electrical Engineering and Computer Science degrees; has worked/consulted for Hewlett Packard, AMCC, NEC, Motorola, and medical equipment makers; holds 3 U.S. patents; has received several teaching awards; helped setup UCR's Computer Engineering program; has authored two previous textbooks; and has published over 120 papers on digital design topics (automation, architecture, and low-power).

Principles of Digital Design Book PDF

Principles of Digital Design

  • Author : Daniel D. Gajski
  • Publisher : Pearson
  • Release Date : 1997
  • Genre : Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 447
  • ISBN : UOM:39015050242794

Principles of Digital Design Book Description :

This book is designed to facilitate a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of design without requiring readers to memorize an excess of confusing technological details. It integrates fundamentals with state-of-the-art techniques in computer design to demonstrate the complete design process, from specification to manufacturing. FEATURES: Presents clear connections between principles and practice. (Throughout) Progresses naturally and patiently through the design process, ranging in complexity from logic and sequential levels to the levels of RISC processors and complete ASICs. (Throughout) Introduces a generic component library that reflects practical design constraints to help explain concepts and implement worked-out examples. (Ch. 5, 7) Takes a contemporary approach to logic and sequential design, emphasizing a coherent design process instead of manual design techniques. (Throughout) Introduces an ASIC design process based on the sequential and behavioral synthesis used in modern CAD tools. (Ch. 8) De-mystifies the art of processor design by extending synthesis techniques to microprocessor design. (Ch. 9) Demonstrates processor design on CISC and RISC processors including instruction set design and datapath design with data-forwarding and branch prediction. (Ch. 9) The book features: Step-by-step design procedures in each chapter. Comprehensive worked examples that demonstrate designer's options and choices. (Throughout) Over 300 color illustrations that use color to enhance learning and material retention.

Digital Design Business Practices Book PDF

Digital Design Business Practices

  • Author : Liane Sebastian
  • Publisher : Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
  • Release Date : 2001
  • Genre : Design
  • Pages : 397
  • ISBN : 1581150865

Digital Design Business Practices Book Description :

Learn how to effectively manage successful, money-making Web- and print-design projects with this indispensable reference to business practices in today's burgeoning digital marketplace. Covering planning, ownership, responsibilities, development, communications, and efficient techniques for beating deadlines, the book reveals what it takes to succeed each step of the way in running a design business and managing projects. Previously published as Electronic Design and Publishing, this third edition of an industry classic has been thoroughly updated and expanded to include five new chapters about Web strategy, planning, design, and construction. The expert, practical advice is clearly illustrated with examples of what works and what doesn't work in managing budgets, handling copyrights, dealing with decision-makers, and negotiating disputes. The comprehensive treatment of the digital design process from the perspectives of the Client-Group, the Creative-Group, and the Production-Group make this a must-read resource for anyone planning, purchasing, creating, or managing digital design projects

A Digital Design Methodology for Optical Computing Book PDF

A Digital Design Methodology for Optical Computing

  • Author : Miles Murdocca
  • Publisher : Mit Press
  • Release Date : 1990
  • Genre : Computers
  • Pages : 161
  • ISBN : UOM:39015018454895

A Digital Design Methodology for Optical Computing Book Description :

This book presents a valuable new methodology for simplifying the design of digital circuits for systems that use optics as an interconnection medium.