Digging Up Mother Book PDF

Digging Up Mother

  • Author : Doug Stanhope
  • Publisher : Hachette UK
  • Release Date : 2016-05-10
  • Genre : Biography & Autobiography
  • Pages : 336
  • ISBN : 9780306824401

Digging Up Mother Book Description :

Doug Stanhope is one of the most critically acclaimed and stridently unrepentant comedians of his generation. What will surprise some is that he owes so much of his dark and sometimes uncomfortably honest sense of humor to his mother, Bonnie. It was the cartoons in her Hustler magazine issues that molded the beginnings of his comedic journey, long before he was old enough to know what to do with the actual pornography. It was Bonnie who recited Monty Python sketches with him, who introduced him to Richard Pryor at nine years old, and who rescued him from a psychologist when he brought that brand of humor to school. And it was Bonnie who took him along to all of her AA meetings, where Doug undoubtedly found inspiration for his own storytelling. Bonnie's own path from bartending to truck driving, massage therapy, elder abuse, stand-up comedy, and acting never stopped her from being Doug's genuine number one fan. So when her alcoholic, hoarding life finally came to an end many weird adventures later in rural Arizona, it was inevitable that Doug and Bonnie would be together for one last excursion. Digging Up Mother follows Doug's absurd, chaotic, and often obscene life as it intersects with that of his best friend, biggest fan, and love of his life-his mother. And it all starts with her death-one of the most memorable and amazing farewells you will ever read.

Knees Up Mother Earth Book PDF

Knees Up Mother Earth

  • Author : Robert Rankin
  • Publisher : Hachette UK
  • Release Date : 2011-06-16
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Pages : 448
  • ISBN : 9780575088184

Knees Up Mother Earth Book Description :

Magic, time travel and football: not exactly your everyday combination - but the fate of mankind hangs upon the result. Of course. There's big trouble in little Brentford. Property developers are planning to destroy the borough's beloved football ground and build executive homes on the site. Shock! Outrage! Horror! The lads of The Flying Swan, Brentford's most celebrated drinking house, take up the challenge. Surely with these stalwarts working for the cause, Brentford's football ground can be saved? Would it were so, but this is Brentford and ancient forces of evil are forever stirring in the borough: Old Testament terrors, Lovecraftian loathsomes and beasties from the bottomless pit. And if the team make it through to the final, it's going to be a match that no one will forget. What with the fate of mankind hanging upon the result. And everything.

My Mother s Secret Book PDF

My Mother s Secret

  • Author : Julia Roberts
  • Publisher : Bookouture
  • Release Date : 2021-01-27
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Pages : 231
  • ISBN : 9781800192751

My Mother s Secret Book Description :

‘My first read of 2021 to reduce me to tears... the definition of a page-turner and a tear-jerker. I didn’t want to stop reading... I loved every word.’ The Book Lover’s Boudoir, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘They told me he died, but I never believed them. I’d have known,’ she says, her voice little more than a whisper and her eyes searching mine. ‘A mother would know if her child died, wouldn’t she?’ Danni has never had an easy relationship with her mother, Diana. But when Diana is diagnosed with a serious illness, everything changes. As some of Diana’s memories slip away, others force their way to the surface. One night she breaks down and reveals that before Danni was born, she had another baby who never got to see the world. Now married, with a loving husband and two beautiful daughters of her own, Danni has put her childhood behind her. But she has always wondered what caused her mother’s coldness. Could this be why? Danni can’t tell whether Diana’s story is a symptom of her confusion, or something real. She decides to find out, hoping to bring her mother some peace. Yet as Danni investigates the past, tracking down the aunt she’s never met to learn what lies in her mother’s past, her good intentions have unexpected consequences. As more truths emerge, a shocking revelation could turn her life upside down. Will Danni’s quest heal her pain, or are some secrets best left buried? A completely heartbreaking and compelling story of families, secrets, and the fierce love between mothers and children. Fans of Amanda Prowse, Ali Mercer and Jodi Picoult will smile through their tears. See what readers are saying about My Mother’s Secret: ‘Wow!… one of the saddest and most heart-breaking reads I've encountered… My gosh! This book should really come with a box of tissues because believe me, you are going to need them!... I found myself turning the pages with such a speed of “just one more chapter” until the very end. I cannot tell you how

Tsapah Talks of Pheasant  and Other Stories Book PDF

Tsapah Talks of Pheasant and Other Stories

  • Author : Anonim
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 1983
  • Genre : American fiction
  • Pages : 114
  • ISBN : UCAL:B4102023

Tsapah Talks of Pheasant and Other Stories Book Description :

A collection of authentic reading/language material cooperatively developed by Indian people from fifteen reservations.

Digging Deep Book PDF

Digging Deep

  • Author : Boyd Lemon
  • Publisher : Boyd Lemon
  • Release Date : 2011-04
  • Genre : Divorce
  • Pages : 336
  • ISBN : 9781432768461

Digging Deep Book Description :

Eleven years after my last divorce I moved to Boston at age 66, after a lifetime in California, to live platonically with a 23-year-old female college student. I still thought my marriages failed because I had married the wrong women--crazy women. Finally, I realized that I must have had some role in destroying these marriages. Encouraged by my roommate, I embark on a journey to uncover my role. My attitudes about marriage had been profoundly influenced by my place on the cusp between the moralistic generation of the 1940's and 1950's and the next generation that embraced "sex, drugs and rock 'n roll" as well as greater independence and equality for women. I was also deeply troubled by my choice of a career that seemed only to help the rich get richer. These issues propelled me to avoid dealing with my marriages. My memoir is a story of these marriages and divorces and uncovering my role through intense introspection and the writing process. I believe it will help others deal with issues in their own relationships, as couples and individuals face the new order in relationships and their own pasts.

Through A Mother s Eye Book PDF

Through A Mother s Eye

  • Author : Barbara Alexander
  • Publisher : AuthorHouse
  • Release Date : 2012-05-07
  • Genre : Biography & Autobiography
  • Pages : 322
  • ISBN : 146856160X

Through A Mother s Eye Book Description :

When we are faced with the unknown, we turn to others for help. Then we find ourselves on a journey of hard times. When we face those times with the right one, it gets easier. I faced that time, and learned what I needed to do. Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Digging Out Book PDF

Digging Out

  • Author : Michael A. Tompkins
  • Publisher : New Harbinger Publications
  • Release Date : 2007-04-01
  • Genre : Psychology
  • Pages : 208
  • ISBN : 9781608825424

Digging Out Book Description :

Many people who hoard understand the extent of their problem and are open to help. This book is not for them. Digging Out is for the concerned and frustrated friends and family members of people who do not fully accept the magnitude of their hoarding problem and refuse help from others. If you have a friend or loved one with a hoarding problem and are seeking a way to guide him or her to a healthier, safer way of life, this book is for you. In Digging Out, you will find a complete guide to helping your loved one with a hoarding problem live safely and comfortably in his or her home or apartment. Included are realistic harm reduction strategies that you can use to help your loved one manage health and safety hazards, avoid eviction, and motivate him or her to make long-term lifestyle changes. You'll learn how to handle a roommate or spouse with a hoarding problem, identify and work through special considerations that may arise when the person who hoards is frail and elderly, and receive guidance for healing strained relationships between people who hoard and their friends and family. Take heart. With this book as a guide, you can help your loved one live more comfortably and safely, salvage your damaged relationship, and restore your peace of mind.

Anthropological Records Book PDF

Anthropological Records

  • Author : Anonim
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 1937
  • Genre : Anthropology
  • Pages : 231
  • ISBN : UOM:39015010230566

Anthropological Records Book Description :

Digging Up Stories Book PDF

Digging Up Stories

  • Author : James Thompson
  • Publisher : Manchester University Press
  • Release Date : 2005
  • Genre : Performing Arts
  • Pages : 262
  • ISBN : 0719073154

Digging Up Stories Book Description :

James Thompson explores the problems of theatre practice in communities affected by war and exclusion. Each chapter or "story" is written in a lively and accessible style and draws on a range of contemporary performance theories.

Emma Chizzit and the Mother Lode Marauder Book PDF

Emma Chizzit and the Mother Lode Marauder

  • Author : Mary Bowen Hall
  • Publisher : Worldwide Library
  • Release Date : 1995
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Pages : 252
  • ISBN : 0373261780

Emma Chizzit and the Mother Lode Marauder Book Description :

Emma Chizzit And The Mother Lode by Mary Bowen Hall released on Jul 25, 1995 is available now for purchase.

Digging up the Dirt Book PDF

Digging up the Dirt

  • Author : Gina Wysocki
  • Publisher : iUniverse
  • Release Date : 2008-12-10
  • Genre : History
  • Pages : 108
  • ISBN : 9781440104756

Digging up the Dirt Book Description :

The Will County Poor Farm was a home for the less fortunate, terminally and mentally ill, elderly, and orphaned children. Hundreds resided there over the years and despite the closing in 1955, hundreds of them still remain, somewhere within the 180 acres.

Belonging to Taylor Book PDF

Belonging to Taylor

  • Author : Kay Robbins
  • Publisher : Berkley Books
  • Release Date : 1986
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Pages : 176
  • ISBN : 0425089088

Belonging to Taylor Book Description :

Revue Des   tudes Indig  nes Book PDF

Revue Des tudes Indig nes

  • Author : Anonim
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 1989
  • Genre : Indians of North America
  • Pages : 231
  • ISBN : WISC:89073241622

Revue Des tudes Indig nes Book Description :

Like Mother  Like Daughter Book PDF

Like Mother Like Daughter

  • Author : Marcia Rose
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 1994
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Pages : 414
  • ISBN : 0345387694

Like Mother Like Daughter Book Description :

A twentieth-century American epic emerges from the lives of four generations of women--Leah, bohemian of the twenties; Jo, photographer of the London blitz; Sarah and her songs of the sixties; and Annie, successful on today's comedy scene. 35,000 first printing. $15,000 ad/promo.

The Women s Educational Equity Act Book PDF

The Women s Educational Equity Act

  • Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Education and Labor. Subcommittee on Equal Opportunities
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 1973
  • Genre : Discrimination in education
  • Pages : 231
  • ISBN : IND:30000090647177

The Women s Educational Equity Act Book Description :

Dawn of a New Age Book PDF

Dawn of a New Age

  • Author : Chosŏn Chakka Tongmaeng. 4.15 Munhak Chʻangjaktan
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 1978
  • Genre : Korean resistance movements, 1905-1945
  • Pages : 231
  • ISBN : UOM:39015030727633

Dawn of a New Age Book Description :

Memory Matters Book PDF

Memory Matters

  • Author : Caroline Schaumann
  • Publisher : De Gruyter
  • Release Date : 2008
  • Genre : History
  • Pages : 345
  • ISBN : STANFORD:36105131727773

Memory Matters Book Description :

The series publishes monographs and edited volumes that showcase significant scholarly work at the various intersections that currently motivate interdisciplinary inquiry in German cultural studies. Topics span all periods of German and German-speaking lands and cultures from the local to the global, with a special focus on demonstrating how various disciplines - history, musicology, art history, anthropology, religious studies, media studies, political theory, literary and cultural studies, among others - and new theoretical and methodological paradigms work across disciplinary boundaries to create knowledge and add to critical understanding in German studies broadly. All works are in English. Three to four new titles will be published annually.

My Name Is Monster Book PDF

My Name Is Monster

  • Author : Katie Hale
  • Publisher : Canongate Books
  • Release Date : 2019-06-06
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Pages : 320
  • ISBN : 9781786896377

My Name Is Monster Book Description :

'Strikingly beautiful' Guardian 'Tough and tender' Joanne Harris After the Sickness has killed off her parents, and the bombs have fallen on the last safe cities, Monster emerges from the Arctic vault which has kept her alive. When she washes up on the coast of Scotland, everyone she knows is dead, and she believes she is alone in an empty world. Slowly, piece by piece, she begins to rebuild a life. Until, one day, she finds a girl: another survivor, feral, and ready to be taught all that Monster knows. But as the lonely days pass, the lessons the girl learns are not always the ones Monster means to teach . . .

A 1950s Mother Book PDF

A 1950s Mother

  • Author : Sheila Hardy
  • Publisher : The History Press
  • Release Date : 2013-03-01
  • Genre : History
  • Pages : 208
  • ISBN : 9780752492544

A 1950s Mother Book Description :

Embarking on motherhood was a very different affair in the 1950s to what it is today. From how to dress baby (matinee coats and bonnets) to how to administer feeds (strictly four-hourly if following the Truby King method), the child-rearing methods of the 1950s are a fascinating insight into the lives of women in that decade. In The 1950s Mother author, mother and grandmother Sheila Hardy collects heart-warming personal anecdotes from those women, many of whom are now in their eighties, who became mothers during this fascinating post-war period. From the benefits of ‘crying it out’ and being put out in the garden to gripe water and Listen with Mother, the wisdom of mothers from the 1950s reverberates down the decades to young mothers of any generation and is a hilarious and, at times, poignant trip down memory lane for any mother or child of the 1950s.